Africa Days in Pilsen - April 2013



Venue: SP 319, Sedláčkova 15, 30125 Plzeň 


Date: April 10th – 11th

Wed 10th April 


9:30   Introductory speech by Jan Záhořík 

  (Past, Present and Future of Center of African Studies, UWB in Pilsen) 


9:45  Introductory speech by Ahmed Hassen 

(Cooperation between Addis Ababa University and the University of West Bohemia in 



10:00  Panel 1 Focus on Ethiopia (chair: Ahmed Hassen) 


10:00  Decolonisation in the Horn and its Consequences on French-Ethiopian Relations 

  Jan Dvořáček (University of West Bohemia in Pilsen) 


10:25  Studying party cleavages in contemporary Ethiopia: some preliminary notes 

  Jean-Nicolas Bach (University of Bordeaux) 


10:50  Ethiopia under TPLF government from 1991 to 2012 

  Alemayehu Kumsa (Charles University, Prague) 


11:15  Minorities and Peripheries: Preliminary reflections on the interrelation of region-and 

statebuilding in Ethiopia 

  Alexander Meckelburg (University of Hamburg) 


11:40  Coffee break 


12:00  Panel 2 Lusophone and South Africa (chair: Jakub Kydlíček) 


12:00  Family and Diplomacy in South Africa: The Story of an Unusual Rapprochement,  

c. 1880-1890 

  Kirsten Rüther (University of Vienna) 


12:25  Religion and politics in early 20th century Angola 

  Kalle Kananoja (European University of Firenze) 


12:50  Chinese engagement with Lusophone Africa. Case study: Republic of Mozambique 

  Joanna Mormul (Jagellonian University of Cracow) 


13:15  Lunch break 


14:00  Panel 3 West Africa (chair: Joanna Mormul) 


14:00  Mali:  Political  developments  in  a  former  poster  child  democracy.  Abyss 

or reconstruction? 

  Baz Lecocq (University of Ghent) 


14:25  Vicious Cycles and Revolving Doors: The Politics of Debt in a Colonial  City 

  Matthew Park (Michigan State University) 


14:50  Trade in the Senegambia in the First Half of the 19th Century 

  Filip Strych (University of West Bohemia in Pilsen) 


15:15  Coffee break 


15:35  Panel 4 Continental issues (chair: Jean-Nicolas Bach) 


15:35  Does global environmental governance improve sustainable development in Africa?  

  Stig Jensen (University of Copenhagen) 


16:00  The encounter between Ethiopia and the European international society: insights from 

the international relations theory 

  Elsa Gonzales (Autonomous University of Madrid) 


16:25  Southern Tunisia as a question in current Berber studies 

  Jakub Kydlíček (University of West Bohemia in Pilsen) 


16:50  Africa Research in Basel 

  Christian Vandersee (Basler Afrika Bibliographien) 


17:15  Closing remarks 


19:00  Conference dinner at the restaurant “U Mansfelda” 


Thu 11th April 


09:00  Keynote speech: The Role of Ethiopia in Pan-Africanism 

Ahmed Hassen (Institute of Ethiopian Studies, Addis Ababa University)   


10:30  Coffee break 


10:45  Panel 5 East Africa (chair: Linda Piknerová) 


10:45  Leka Dutigite: World Heritage as a Resource in Contemporary Kigoma 

  Geert Castryck (University of Leipzig) 


11:10  “Africans have no pockets“: the monetization of Uganda in the early colonial period 


  Karin Pallaver (University of Bologna) 


11:35  Saving the African Printed Past, the Eritrean Case 

  Massimo Zaccaria (University of Pavia) 


12:00  Lunch break 


13:00  Panel 6 Europe and Africa (chair: Filip Strych) 


13:00  An  Austrian  Colony  in  Africa?  Ignaz  Pallme  and  his  concept  for  the  conquest  of 


  Michael Zach (University of Vienna) 


13:25  Indians and the interwar Kenya 

  Jaromír Matějíček (University of West Bohemia in Pilsen) 


13:50  Africa and Western Racial Imagination 

  Ivo Budil (University of West Bohemia in Pilsen) 


14:15  Closing remarks 


16:30  Visit to the Pilsner Urquell Brewery and Brewery Museum 


19:00  Dinner and Beer in the Typical Czech Pub “Na Parkánu”